Q: Are there any sleeping rooms with disabled access?
A: Yes, our facilities are ADA compliant. Please contact your conference coordinator to request a wheelchair accessible room or other disability-related living accommodations.

Q: Is parking available?
A: Yes. Parking is available in University Parking Lots. Parking permits are required and must be placed on the dashboard of each vehicle. A Conference Identification Slip (provided at check-in) must also be displayed. For detailed information please refer to our Parking Page.

Q: Do you have catering?
A: Yes. Catering and refreshment services are available. Please consult with a Conference Sales Coordinator for detailed menus.

Q: Can we serve alcohol at our event?
A: Yes. Alcoholic beverages may be served on University premises. However, you must purchase the alcoholic beverages and arrange for their delivery prior to the event. Dining Services cannot serve beverages from previously opened bottles. A Conference Services' "Service of Alcoholic Beverages" form must be completed and signed prior to the function. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in the location designated for the event. Cash bars and/or exchange of tickets for alcohol are not permitted, except when provided by a licensed bartender. No one under the age of 21 may be served alcoholic beverages.

Q: Do you permit weddings?
A: Yes. Weddings are permitted on the UC Berkeley campus, just not in the residential facilities. The following campus venues host weddings:

Alumni House 510.642.1573
Botanical Garden 510.642.3352
Faculty Club 510.642.1993
International House 510.642.0589
Lawrence Hall of Science 510.642.7723
Women's Faculty Club 510.642.4175

Q: How do I get to UC Berkeley and the residential facilities?
A: Please click the "Directions" button on the tool bar for driving directions or information about public transportation.

Q: Is housing available during the academic year?
A: Accommodations are only available during the summer.

Q: What size groups can be accommodated?
A: We can accommodate groups of 10 people to 3,000 people.

Q: Do I need to be campus-affiliated?
A: No. Campus affiliation is not a requirement.

Q: Do I need insurance?
A: Yes. Please talk with your Conference Sales Coordinator for current requirements.

Q: When should I make my payment?
A: We require a deposit of $30/person to secure your reservation for housing. Your full payment is due with your Housing List, two weeks prior to the start of your program.

Q: What if I need to cancel my reservation?
A: The deposit is non-refundable and you will be financially responsible for a percentage of the contracted overnight accommodations. Please speak with a Conference Sales Coordinator for more information.

Q: Are there Ethernet connections in the sleeping rooms?
A: Network connections are located in each sleeping room and are free to conference groups. Arrangements for your conference participants to have access to these in-room connections must be made in advance. Please visit our Internet Connection page to arrange in-room connections for your conference guests.

Q: Are sleeping rooms and meeting rooms air-conditioned?
A: No. Our mild climate and morning fog keep Berkeley comfortable throughout the summer, except for a few days a year.

Q: Can special dietary needs be accommodated?
A: Yes. The residence hall dining facilities provide a variety of meal options, including vegetarian and vegan selections. Although not guaranteed, most special diets may be accommodated within our regular offerings.

Q: What type of conferences most use UC Berkeley residence halls?
A: Youth Groups, Academic Programs, Sports Camps, Scientific Groups, Learned Societies, Language Programs and Associations - Our five facilities host a variety of groups from around the world who come to UC Berkeley to exchange ideas and learn.